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Happy Hands Daycare provides childhood education and daycare, conveniently located for you and your child. We treat each child based on his or her own individual needs. Happy Hands provides a qualified and experienced team of educators with expertise in early childhood development.

About Us.

Happy Hands Daycare provides childhood education and daycare, conveniently located for you and your child. We treat each child based on his or her own individual needs. Happy Hands provides a qualified and experienced team of educators with expertise in early childhood development.

We structure each day around stimulating and educational activities that aid in your child's physical, intellectual, and emotional development. And we can accommodate your busy schedule with transportation to and from our school.

Call (317) 555-7414 to schedule a tour or to learn more about our facilities and our instructors.

Heres what some parents have to say.

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My son goes here and he loves it! We've been to two other daycare centers and this is by far the best. It offers small classes with a challenging and engaging curriculum. The children get a lot of individual attention and a lot of play time. — Anita K.

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I truly appreciate the cultural and ethnic diversity in the staff. They bring different traditions together and help the kids explore other cultures. They make everyone feel welcome and safe.— Stefan Z.


At Happy Hands we believe that every child is capable of excellence. That is why we are committed to pursuing and maintaining our status as an accredited daycare center. By seeking national accreditation, you know that Happy Hands is striving to give your family the very best daycare experience.
Every daycare center must meet the state's minimum license requirements. We go beyond that. When a daycare center is awarded national accreditation they are meeting a higher standard that demonstrates its expertise in:

  • • Classroom Management
  • • Curriculum Development
  • • Health and Safety
  • • Parental Support
  • • Community Involvement
  • • Teacher Certification
  • • Administrative Oversight

Our commitment to accreditation gives you assurance we provide a positive educational experience for your child.

Every other year we go through an intense review by recognized and esteemed national accreditation agencies. Their positive reports (available for inspection) confirm that we are providing a clean, safe, and positive environment for our children. Accreditation verifies that our teachers are qualified and fully engaged in giving our children a first-class educational experience.

Once we've completed the entire accreditation self-study process, trained professionals from our accrediting agencies conduct on-site visits to validate our compliance with national early childhood education standards. But accreditation doesn't just take place every two years. It's an ongoing process of self-evaluation, discussion, and parental reviews.

We encourage parents to help us improve our center and become better stewards for their children. You can part of the accreditation process as we work together to make Happy Hands a great neighborhood center.

There are several national organizations that provide accreditation services. Who a center chooses for oversight is important. Happy Hands pursues national accreditation from three of the most respected national early childhood accreditation agencies:

  • • National Association for Youth Care
  • • United Accreditation for Early Care and Education
  • • National Daycare Accreditation

Feel free to contact us to discuss accreditation and learn more about our standards for care and education.


Our Community

Happy Hands is committed to improving the lives of children in our community. Our expertise in caring for the children at our daycare center gives us a unique understanding of child development, education issues, and parenting. Happy Hands has partnered with several community organizations that advocate for poor and needy children and families.

We don't think of it as charity. It's part of our calling.

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A young girl going over her lessons

Improving Literacy

Part of Trusted Friend's mission is to promote literacy, which is key to education and a fulfilling life. We support reading programs and national literacy efforts initiated at both the local and national level. These efforts include providing early access to books and other reading material. We are also in the Raised by Reading program, helping parents share the reading experience with their children.

Promoting Partnerships

We are proud of our support for the Big Siblings organization. Several of our educators are Big Sibling mentors and we provide meeting space and monthly activities for this fine group. We are also deeply involved with the Young Care Nursery organziation, working to prevent child abuse and neglect. We partner with other caregivers committed to strengthening families in the community. For example we are a charter member of Sunflower Friends, which creates learning and enrichment opportunities for underprivileged children, helping them to realize their potential and recognize their inherent dignity.

Please contact us if you believe that Happy Hands can be a partner with your group in improving the lives of children and families in our community.

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  1. 8:00 am: Arrival and Breakfast
  2. 9:00 am: Morning Group Time
  3. 9:25 am: Learning Centers
  4. 11:00 am: Group Time
  5. 11:15 am: Outdoor Play
  6. 11:50 am: Lunch
  7. 12:30 pm: Group Time
  8. 12:45 pm: Rest Time
  9. 2:15 pm: Learning Centers
  10. 3:00 pm: Group Time
  11. 3:15 pm: Snack
  12. 4:15 pm: Learning Centers
  13. 5:00 pm: Departure and Cleanup

Pre-K Classes

As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they feel ready to take on the world. Our preschool curriculum enhances their confidence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and nurture a love of learning. With independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, our children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas from mathematics to reading.

We're proud of the work we do. Early learning standards, backed by education experts, inform the scope and sequence of our pre-k program. Our curriculum aligns to 72 learning standards progressing sequentially across six developmental domains. Add to this a healthy dose of running, jumping and movement to keep children active and you'll see why Trusted Friends is a true leader in early childhood education.

Language Skills

Language, literacy, and communication skills are embedded into a child's daily experiences. We strive to create meaningful classroom experiences that help children use and build a growing vocabulary.

Math Exploration

Pre-k children are enthusiastic mathematicians. Our instructors work to ensure that our students don't simply learn numbers by rote, but instead build mathematical understanding related to real, everyday problems. Our curriculum includes important skills such as comparing and contrasting items by characteristics, following complex directions in sequence, and solving simple number problems.

Science Studies

As their cognitive and physical abilities develop, children are able to develop and test their own theories, and to engage in scientific reasoning. Our curriculum encourages students to broaden their understanding of scientific disciplines, from physics to chemistry to earth science. Children learn by participating in cooking projects and participating in multi-skill experiments, handling mechanical tools.

Creative Expressions

Pre-kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce children to artistic expression. Our pre-k teachers extend their student's skills and knowledge through process-oriented art projects. We teach sculpting with clay and etching tools, writing and illustrating books, and our students experience acting out original stories with costumes, props, and masks.

Cultural Sharing

Children are innately interested in the diversity of people and cultures. We foster the development of all areas of a child's emotional intelligence including interpersonal skills, compassion, and acceptance of personal responsibility. We believe in fostering respect for different cultures, traditions, and life styles.

Physical Wellness

Pre-k children learn about b ecoming responsible for their own choices and decisions. Our curriculum encourages students to learn physical wellness through physical activity, healthy eating, and personal hygiene. Everyday our children learn about themselves and others through supportive sharing times.

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