Define CSS Preprocessor

  1. What does a CSS Preprocessor do?
  2. A css Preprocessor is a program that lets you generate CSS form the Preprocessor's own syntax. It enables us to use logic in our CSS code.

  3. What are the advantages of using a CSS Preprocessor?
  4. A Preprocessor allows additional leverage over CSS by providing additional syntax that delivers several advantages such as variables, nesting , inheritance , mixins, functions, and mathematical operations.

  5. What are the disadvantages or issues you need to consider when using a CSS Preprocessor?
  6. There are a few disadvantages of using preprocessors that needs to be considered.

    • Debugging is harder
    • Compilation slows down development
    • They can produce very large CSS files
    • Maintainence and overengineering
    • Tooling and developer convenience
    • Saving generatied files.
    • Capability and understanding.

  7. List at least FIVE CSS Preprocessors currently available
    1. SASS
    2. LESS
    3. Stylus
    4. CSS-Crush
    5. Myth
    6. Rework

  8. Research Web Development jobs and see how many of them list a CSS Preprocessor as one of their desired skills.
    1. Healthcare Ressearch LLC requires SASS and LESS.
    2. SymSoft solutions requires SASS and LESS.
    3. Software Technology Inc requires SASS and LESS.
    4. CGI requires SASS and LESS.