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Justin Prohaska the man behind the legend.

Hello! My name is Justin Prohaska and I am an aspiring web developer at Dmacc. After working in retail department stores for over a decade I decided that it was finally time for a change of pace. I scoured the internet searching for things that I might be interested in, like law enforcement, marketing, and graphic design. I even thought about moving to Hawaii to become a scuba diving instructor but that dream was short lived. I felt like I would never find a career that would suit me, until a friend of mine suggested web development. After a few cheap courses on Udemy.com and a free course on youtube I realized that I had fallen in love. I needed more so I took the next step and registered with Dmacc’s web dev program and have set myself on the path of designing and building beautiful websites.

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Here are some links to valuable resources.

  • pixabay – a place where you can get pictures for your site.
  • w3schools – everything and anything you need to know about web design.
  • coolors – A nice color picker that pairs colors with complementing colors.

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